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Canada Goose online Do you want more Democratic debates

Televised CNN/LA Times/Politico Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate, January uk canada goose outlet 2008 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. (PHOTO CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES)

buy canada goose jacket cheap In the off chance you haven had your fill of political debates this primary season, you in luck.

Canada Goose sale Both candidates have agreed to debate in Philadelphia next month, ahead of the April 22nd Pennsylvania primary. Also, Canada Goose online Obama has agreed to a match up on April 19th in uk canada goose North Carolina. No word yet on whether Clinton is in for that one.

canada goose clearance It not clear how much effect these debates have on voters. Throughout this primary season, we pretty much seen it all during these face offs: Clinton and Obama Canada Goose Parka have been nice to each other, they been nasty to each other, they been honored to share the stage with each other, and then they gone on the attack.

canada goose clearance sale The single most memorable moment in all these meetings canada goose uk shop may have been when Senator Clinton buy canada goose jacket was asked about giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens an idea put forth by her good friend and supporter Client Number 9, also known as New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

canada goose coats So what yet to come in Pennsylvania and perhaps North Carolina is anyone guess.

Here’s my question to you: How interested are you in more debates buy canada goose jacket cheap between cheap Canada Goose Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

canada goose store Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Wendy from San Rafael, California writes:

cheap Canada Goose Debates are used to clarify a candidate stand on the issues. canada goose black friday sale Now if anyone doesn know what these candidates stand for, they don deserve to have the right to vote. I am sick and tired of the debates. All they offer are more sound canadagoosesale bites but nothing of substance. If they were held by the League Canada Goose Jackets of Women Voters as was formerly done, now then I be interested. They were much more substantial.

Rob from Norway, Maine writes:

Canada Goose Parka I think debates are good. It forces these campaigns to cheap canada goose uk stop attacking each other through surrogates and makes them actually say whatever they have to say to the other’s face. It much more of Canada Goose sale an adult forum than the said, she said, then resigned that has been going on the past few weeks. from Austell, Georgia writes:

Jack, Come on, these debates are really getting out of whack. You become weary of something when it is done too much and I think that the Democratic debates are becoming quite weary to say the canada goose very least The only debate I want to see from now on is between the Democratic nominee and Sen. John McCain. End of story.

buy canada goose jacket Yes, please. Canada Goose Online More debates. Here is my idea: We put the nomination on the line and then ask each candidate personal questions like that of Truth TV show. The one who tells the truth the most gets the nomination.

I thought the California canada goose clearance debate was a fun one to watch. The Texas debate was a little boring. I canada goose factory sale would still love to see more debates between Clinton and Obama because it helps undecided voters become decided. What else is there to do on Thursday canadian goose jacket nights? Unless the Phoenix Suns are playing on TV.

Kevin from Warren, Michigan writes:

canada goose black friday sale More debates? Jack, only if you, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart were the moderators. That would be an evening to remember.

canada goose deals Jack, a few weeks ago, I thought I seen enough debates, to last me a life time, but after the way Hillery has attacked Obama, through her surrogates, another debate is warranted. Hillary is much more pleasant, on stage and wouldn dare attack Obama, with cheap shots and innuendoes, in a national debate. Opps. My wife just told me that Hillary is desperate enough, to screw up, during another debate, so let the sparks fly. I have never in my 71 years seen debates so one sided as to the moderation as these debates have been. One candidate gets a grilling, and the other gets powder puff questions, and if you don know who I am referring too, she also always gets the first canada goose coats on sale question too. Canada Goose Outlet The media treats Hillary as an adversary, and canada goose uk black friday like yesterdays news, and the other candidate gets the soft glove treatment.

Canada Goose Outlet Since you have read my first paragraph, you are probably now thinking I am racist. You are wrong, I am just standing up for the best person for the job at canada goose coats hand.

canada goose coats on sale I don think they serve much purpose at this point, except for people who are yet to vote. Based on earlier debates, they canada goose store might squabble and make each other look petty and foolish, or they might be cordial and talk about their own proposals, which makes them seem like worthy candidates, but does not do much for the person in second place. It just fortifies the status quo. The best case scenario would be a where they both contrasted themselves with McCain and the failed Bush policies. That would be an event that would promote party unity but in view of the current Canada Goose Coats On Sale state of the campaign, seems highly unlikely.

No point in more. It always the same: Hillary answers the questions canada goose uk outlet succinctly, and Obama stammers, gets all mixed up in digressions and is almost impossible to follow. Then the media grudgingly concede that she did well, but the poll numbers do not change because by now most Dems are solidly (and bitterly) set with their choices.

Canada Goose Jackets The next debates we will see will be McCain against one of the two Dems. Hillary would twist him up like a pretzel; Obama vagueness and lack of any coherent agenda would give even a bad debater like McCain many openings. The differences between the two scenarios could not be canada goose clearance sale more stark.

NO. There is no sense in repeating the same ol stuff and that is all that will happen. If we do this lets deal with the facts and the real issues at hand, and the best way to start that is to force them into stating the truth and facts. Then let the rest of America vote accordingly having been well informed with factual information vs all those embelisments and misrepresentations of facts and truth that have ensued this race.

canadian goose jacket It funny. I didn see the need for it when it was clear who was the better pontificator. In the begining of the season, Clinton was clearly the better debator.

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