One of them, who stayed my Phys Ed teacher for many years,


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A Thought On Multiculturism And Sport

Canada Goose sale Multiculturism gains such a different meaning when you live in a country whose citizens come from all over the world and you are one of them! Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket In the last couple of days I was quite frustrated because in the TV which I hardly ever watch, I wanted to find something to watch and relax but most of the channels were busy with AFL canada goose outlet legit footy and the Ashes test series, cricket or movies with crime. I hate them. Welcome to Australian television with the eyes of a woman and a migrant if you like. I kept this position for years. I used to kick the ball with my Dad. I think he taught me to play. I started with ballet as a little girl and I loved being on stage. Then my parents gave me the opportunity to play tennis for many years. Only when it came to a choice between tennis and piano as a choice of career I stopped tennis. My wrist became too strong. My parents and I did not know that. canadian goose jacket

Then my parents found a good teacher and sent me to swim for many years. Best choice! The love of swimming stayed with me forever. I was in the pool at 6am before going to school or to work and I did this for decades. Swimming is canada goose outlet michigan still one of my favourite sport activity and you would find me in the pool quite frequently.

cheap Canada Goose As a summer sport activity with my Dad and some friends, we played badminton which I love! I love the ‚woooossh‘ of the ball and the sound as it hits the racket! cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online At school, we had a strenuous but excellent physical education in Hungary. We had very well equipped sport hall and highly trained, very committed sport trainers. One of them, who stayed my Phys Ed teacher for many years, Imre Poczonyi was my tennis coach earlier. A true slave driver! However, I canada goose outlet montreal can thank to him my love of sport, the fact that I have to do sport and I can’t love without being active. Even now, when I am coming back from a serious back problem, I have to canada goose jacket outlet uk move and exercise. I can’t stay still. Canada Goose online

canada goose My body has an excellent memory. My muscles are strong and they remember what it is to work hard and how to do things. My body wants to get back to that place where it feels good and active. It is a huge motivation and power to have a past like that when you had an injury. I can’t even imagine how inactive people come back after health issues! canada goose

Then I started to do Yoga and that became the life force in my life together with canada goose outlet online store review swimming. Those two are the love of my life!

canada goose clearance sale I am not the type of person who likes sitting on the sofa and stare at the television. However, there are exception like the Olympic Games! canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Just recently I saw lots of postings from my Hungarian friends on the World Championship from Barcelona. It was about Hungarian swimmers and the male and female waterpolo team achieving fantastic results! Our male waterpolo team has won the World Championship again after ten years! Our swimmers are winning the medals one after the other. I was so happy to canada goose outlet toronto address see the happy pictures of our athletes on Facebook. So I started to check the TV guide to watch Barcelona. Guess what! Nothing! AFL and Ashes and some rubbish program but absolutely no mention of the World Championship from Barcelona canada goose outlet store new york where the world’s best athletes are competing, including Australians! Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Jackets This truly upset me for many reasons. Firstly, because it is an international sport event and in Australia we have so many nations represented in our population. Would not they deserve to see it? Secondly, our TV programming is so bad. We like to think that we are such an advanced country and we keep up with the world. But it is enough to look at our TV program and we are miles behind with information when it comes to daily television. We need more variety on Free TV. And I mention Free TV because I know that there is Pay TV and there are plenty of options there. However, the measure of a nation’s standard of television culture and what is going on shows up in the Free TV channels. Canada Goose Jackets

Let’s get to the Multicultural aspect of this problem. Australians like canada goose outlet 80 off to think that we are living in a multicultural society. And we DO! I definitely can state that Australia is a fantastic country and a very welcoming and tolerant one. No doubt about that. I am forever grateful for that being one who was welcomed and accepted and nurtured in this country. However, this does not make me blind. It does not mean that I have no opinion and would not like it to be even more welcoming for the next generations to come.

What bothers me about Australian TV and Multiculturism is that I still hardly see actors, commentators, news people from a wide range of cultural background. I am saying this at times when there are modern, upbeat series like the Offspring, House Husbands, Winners Losers in which we have actors coming with rarely seen cultural backgrounds. On SBS of course we see news readers with different backgrounds. Lately, inspiring Vietnamese comedian Anh Do was engaged in a funny traveling series on TV which became very popular. So there are intentions to bring in people from different cultures and introduce us to some of their cultural heritage. However, I feel that this is very little and more could and should be done. Sometimes it canada goose outlet store quebec is very hard for first generation migrants to contribute to their new society due to language problems. It is less of an issue now when new migration rules are being introduced and the language requirements are at much higher standard. Still from media point of view it exists.

Music and sports are international and have the power to bring people together. I definitely would love to see more variety of the international sports instead of the ‚good old aussie‘ broadcasting with some of the shocking male commentators who stuck in their style and thinking at least fifty years behind.

canada goose cheap canada goose black friday sale We need fresh blood and modern views, true multicultural approach in the television and media industry. It is all right to talk about it and change policies but let’s see them in our daily lives as well canada goose black friday sale.

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