To cry Weeping comfort for the souls condition to wipe his


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poem mother in her son who married his wife, his mother refused to live with them

The boy went to his mother house and passed Aladzھ
three years Mamraa not Chavth, I wrote a poem and gave it to a doctor working at the hospital and
Ostomenth that the Eisselm < br> poem for her son only after her death when her son came to receive her body from the hospital, the doctor gave him a poem
his mother written: /

Iamsnda my heart doum Aatrik
Magbt my eyes and Atifk Samaya

these are three years and eye Tbekak
Mahevc Zulk Zaara O Dhanaya

remember my life on Ohalk and Odarik
and Alaabk Daem and walk and RAYA

lying on my voice and my lap Adwik
Magherk One Sacunnin

in Gasketing and Leah got sick and stay up near you Adareik
Madhuq taste of sleep and become Masaya

Yama Attiytk of Hanani and Abattiyk
grow and grow my hope Mnaya

but loss Lech sell me Hvik
and wife is sincere to me and I Hqaya

I know what it is harsh
said Ajuzk relinquish what her father Maaya

Khalitni central clinic I Orgik
this Jaza known this Dzaya

Ialitny Khaddaaamh between the hands of
Shan see you every day Brzaia

Thanked Iaoulide thanks
your endeavors and pretend you Daem Derb gifts

Hamdan Ya Hamdan your mother recommends that you
I am afraid Matel S showing Wills

recommended Dr. Baattiyk
my clinic and letters of Pacaya

and that was to Atboukl Ali Bdaaoak
ask me for forgiveness This Rjaya

showered the dust of the grave with tears of your eyes
returned Infek remorse Alnaia

Tkovn to pause Anscheroha 🙁

[mother and mother then mother and father]

Janas owner in these are the minimum satisfaction is Allھہ
then parents <3 the most beautiful I received today can publish it
a thankless and feel.

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